Quinoa, pronounced keen-wah, is considered "the supergrain of the future". Actually, it's not a grain at all, but rather the seed of a leafy plant in the goosefoot family that's distantly related to spinach. As a complete protein, quinoa contains all eight essential amino acids. It is also higher in unsaturated fats and lower in carbohydrates than most grains. Quinoa has a mild flavor … [Read more...]


Beige and shaped like a flattened oval, barley is usually sold pearled, where it is hulled and polished to cook more quickly. Barley can also be found in quick cooking, whole hulled, Job’s tears (large hulled grains) grits flakes and flour varieties. Used to make beer, whiskey and cattle feed, barley is a gluten grain it should be avoided by those with gluten sensitivity. Glycemic Index = … [Read more...]

Buckwheat Groats (Kasha)

Kasha is roasted buckwheat groats which are coarse, medium or fine grain. It is naturally gluten free and sold whole or cracked. Kasha is a good source of protein and magnesium , as well as an excellent source of fiber. Glycemic Index = 45 Glycemic Load = 13 … [Read more...]


Not a true grain, buckwheat is a triangular seed from a fruit relative of rhubarb and sorrel, buckwheat has a nutty flavor and is sold roasted (kasha), whole grain cracked, or in unroasted groats grits or ground into flour. An excellent source of magnesium, buckwheat is also a good source of phytosterols which may help to reduce cholesterol. Buckwheat is gluten free. Glycemic Index … [Read more...]


Amaranth has been touted as a miracle grain, a supergrain, and even the "grain of the future". With its earthy sweetness, is not a true grain but the seeds of a weedy plant enjoyed back to the times of the ancient Aztecs. Amaranth is gluten-free, provides a good source of fiber and protein, and an excellent source of magnesium. It's important to note, however, that amaranth is higher on the … [Read more...]


Millet is a sweet flavored, mild grain that is gluten-free. A round and golden yellow grain, it is sold whole, ground into a coarse meal, flour, or puffed for cereal. Millet is high in carbohydrates and provide a good source of protein, copper, magnesium, zinc, thiamin and niacin. Glycemic Index = 71 Glycemic Load = 25 … [Read more...]

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