Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is nutrition calculated?

Healing Gourmet has built an extensive million record database of information and proprietary nutrition software to power our website and personalized programs. Using information from the USDA, individual food records (i.e- 1 cup fresh blueberries) are associated with their proper weight in grams, which then correspond to the specific nutrients levels. These food records are the ingredients that make up all of our recipes and menus. But because of the USDAs limitations, we needed to go a step further. The USDA database – as large as it is – contains a vast number of branded packaged foods. But they are foods we would never recommend at Healing Gourmet. So, we built our own unique compendium database that allows us to utilize the “Best Brands” in association with the standard food records at the USDA. Check out our extensive healthy packaged foods database here.

Do you have a meal plan or a diet?

Yes! We are currently working on what we believe to be the world’s most sophisticated personalized meal plan. It’s called Delicious Solutions. Unlike other diet plan or meal plan services, you choose the parameters of your personal plan to make it gluten-free, high-protein, high-fiber, and suited to your unique taste preferences and food allergies or intolerances. You choose how many times a day you want to eat and how many “eaters” are in your household. You can use this tool on your own or work with your healthcare provider, nutritionist, or personal trainer to create the plan that’s right for you. Delicious Solutions is perfect for anyone who has food allergies, special dietary needs, and a specific weight goal to achieve. With your plan, you get daily menus and recipes with complete nutrition information, a weekly shopping list to save you time and money, personalized health news and even a list of “Healthy Shortcuts” – the Best Brands that match your personal criteria to replace a recipe. Best of all, you can change your plan parameters and cancel at any time. COMING SOON!

Is Healing Gourmet a Paleo diet website?

At Healing Gourmet we believe in maximizing nutrition while minimizing harmful, inflammatory and allergenic components in the diet. For most people, this means a Paleo or ancestral type diet that eliminates grains and dairy, as well as legumes, focusing on nutrient-dense non-starchy vegetables, grass-fed and pasture-raised meats and native fats. With this being said, a Paleo template diet doesn’t have to be one-size fits all. For example, grass-fed butter and cream are often included and tolerated well by most people. Legumes are also a gray area – some people do very well with legumes in their diet. Our goal is to help you create the diet that is right for YOU. We do this by providing you with education on potentially problematic foods in the diet and how they impact specific conditions, as well as cutting-edge tools to help you detect your unique dietary needs.

Why don’t any of your recipes use a microwave?

There are a couple reasons for this. The first is that what goes into the microwave usually contains plastic wrap or paper. When heated, the molecules of these packaging materials are “excited” and leach into your food. And these excited molecules can damage DNA, act as endocrine disruptors and promote cancer. The next reason is that “zapping” your food does just that. It dramatically reduces vital nutrients that you need. For fast cooking, we recommend using a Flavorwave, NuWave or other similar type oven. It’s safe, produces delicious results in short order (including succulent meats), is inexpensive (about $100), energy saving and eco-friendly too.

Why can’t I find any tilapia or tuna recipes? How about grouper?

While the government says that eating “some” tuna is safe with regards to mercury contamination, we don’t believe that the dose makes the poison. In fact, when it comes to heavy metals and persistent pollutants, the toxins you consume in these foods accumulates in your body over time. For your safety, we have eliminated high mercury fish from our databases and recipes. If you want to eat tuna, buy Vital Choice that is tested for mercury levels. Tilapia is another ingredient you won’t find at Healing Gourmet. It’s a farm-raised fish with high levels of inflammatory omega-6 fats and toxins. Grouper is not sustainable and also poses mercury concerns. Healing Gourmet recommends only the healthiest foods for your body… and the earth.

Can I substitute farmed salmon for the wild salmon in recipes?

Not if you want to protect your health! Always choose wild fish and learn about the dangers of farm raised fish here.

Sometime you say “organic eggs” and other times you note “organic omega-3” or “pasture-raised eggs”. Which are the best?

At Healing Gourmet, our aim is to help you eat the most nutrient-dense, lowest contaminant foods. Because getting food direct from a local farm is difficult for many people, we include these different notations as the healthiest options available. To learn more about how to buy the healthiest eggs here.

What is a “safe” skillet?

Safe skillets are those that are free of petrochemical contaminants like PFTE and PFOA. These chemicals have been found to have negative effects on the endocrine system, acting as hormone disruptors. Unfortunately, 80% of the nonstick pans sold contain these compounds.

Why can’t I find any tofu or soy protein recipes?

While soy has been touted as a health food for years, the truth is, there is a dark side to soy. Soy – especially soy protein isolates – are high in phytoestrogen compounds that can negatively influence the cancer process. Soy has also been found to impair thyroid function. And soy is usually genetically modified. The only soy you’ll find at Healing Gourmet are organic traditionally fermented soy foods like miso, tempeh and tamari. The fermentation process reduces many of the effects of soy.

Why can’t I find recipes made with grains or wheat flour, or even rice flour?

A diet based on grain has contributed to the obesity and disease epidemics we now face globally. That’s because most grains are high glycemic – causing a spike in blood sugar that leads to insulin resistance and weight gain over time. But with Healing Gourmet, you’ll find living low glycemic and grain free doesn’t mean deprivation. You’ll enjoy flaky pie crusts, cookies, cakes and more – all made with high quality, low glycemic ingredients. 

Why do you recommend grass-fed meats? Where can I get them?



Why do you sweeten with erythritol and stevia? Can’t I use sugar or sucralose?



Why do recipes call for different types of oils, like avocado or coconut oil? Can’t I just use vegetable oil?

Eating the right types of fats is one of the most important things for your health. We do NOT promote “vegetable oils” including canola, sunflower, safflower , soybean or corn oil due to their high omega-6 content and unstable nature. Another important factor we always take into consideration is the temperature at which oils are used. Because different oils degrade at different temperatures (called their “flash point”), the recipes you’ll find here are temperature-appropriate.


You call for most ingredients to be organic. Is there a way for me to save money and only buy the foods that

Yes! Many foods – like those that come in inedible/unusable peels or shells can be consumed with less contamination concern. Check out the Dirty Dozen to learn about the foods to always choose organic.

Why do you specifically recommend some brands, but just note “organic” items for others?

We are an unbiased resource. We generate revenue by selling our products and services directly to the consumer – not by ad dollars (so THANK YOU for your support!). And we like it this way too, because it is the only HONEST way! We recommend products to our customers that are truly the best of the best.

What do you mean by “soaking nuts”?


I thought canola oil was good, but I don’t see you using it. Why?





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