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Coconuts have had a bad rap in recent years. And unjustly so. Recent research shows this … [Read more...]

Macadamia nuts

[Read more...]


Chia has made a comeback! Finally this tiny seed is getting the nutritional credit it … [Read more...]

Pine Nuts

Pine nuts, also called Indian nut, piñon, pignoli and pignolia are a high-fat nut that comes from … [Read more...]


Seeds are generated by plants as a means to carry on their species and are therefore a condensed … [Read more...]


Scientists speculate nuts may have been around tens of millions of years ago when the continents … [Read more...]

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are the meaty, high fat hard shelled “seeds” found in nearly 100 foot tall Brazil nut … [Read more...]


Cashews are the seeds of a tree that is native to Africa and South America, although most cashews … [Read more...]


Chestnuts are best known for their appearance during the holidays in the United States, but are a … [Read more...]


Hazelnuts were once relegated to the dessert table and classified as a "forbidden" food or an … [Read more...]

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