Keeping your blood sugar stable with a low glycemic diet is an essential element in the cancer prevention diet. That’s because sugar promotes cancer in four ways:

cancer fighting salad

  1. Raises insulin levels which promote cell proliferation
  2. Suppresses the immune system, including the activity of natural killer cells which “seek and destroy” rogue cancer cells
  3. Generates free radicals that damage DNA, leading to mutated cells
  4. Increases inflammatory factors that promote cancer

Countless studies have found that diets high in sugar are correlated with the most common and deadly cancers—including breast, colon and prostate cancer.

A Low Glycemic Diet For Cancer

Take a look at the research:

  • The Women’s Health Study followed almost 40,000 women for eight years. Researchers found positive associations between dietary glycemic load and the risk of colorectal cancer.
  • Researchers tested blood samples from approximately 15,000 male doctors for C-peptide (a protein that indicates insulin levels). They found that men with the highest C-peptide levels – and therefore the highest insulin levels – were almost three times more likely to develop colon cancer than men with the lowest levels.
  • Researchers at Johns Hopkins pooled data from 23 studies and found that people with diabetes were 41% more likely to die of cancer than people who are diabetes-free.
  • A Swedish study of 64,500 non-smoking, non-diabetic, cancer-free people found both men and women with the highest blood sugar levels were more likely to have pancreatic cancer, urinary tract cancer and malignant melanoma (the most deadly type of skin cancer) than those with the lowest blood sugar levels.

Because eating a low glycemic diet is vital for health and disease prevention, EVERY recipe and diet plan at Healing Gourmet is low glycemic.