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Can a Low FODMAP Diet Ease Your Digestive Distress?

Onions, garlic, apples, asparagus, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts… These colorful fruits and vegetables would appear to be the foundation of a healthy diet. But is it possible that they could also cause digestive distress and even disease for some people? The answer may surprise you. According to recent research, the foods listed above (among many others) may contribute to painful and … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Right Probiotic Foods for Your Body (The Answer May Surprise You)

“You should take a daily probiotic…” You’ve no doubt heard this advice after taking antibiotics or if you suffer from digestive issues. But in the last decade, probiotic therapy has expanded well beyond ‘gut care.’ It’s well recognized that probiotics can benefit a wide range of mental and physical conditions. In 2013, the journal Beneficial Microbes reviewed various studies related to … [Read more...]

How Gluten Promotes Leaky Gut (Even if You are NOT Gluten Sensitive)

You've heard a lot about the benefits of a gluten-free diet. You may have even made the choice to eliminate grains and gluten from your diet. And you've probably also seen the backlash against this way of eating from a few vocal bloggers, journalists, doctors and possibly even your own friends and family. Case in point: We recently came across an article in Time, titled, “Eat More Gluten, The … [Read more...]

Digestive Issues? Avoid These Specific Carbohydrates

Do you ever experience bloating, acid reflux, cramping, indigestion or other digestive distress? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, it is estimated that up to 70 million Americans suffer from some form of digestive issue – ranging from chronic constipation to serious and even life-threatening conditions, such as Crohn’s disease. And while digestive issues can stem from a wide variety of … [Read more...]

Are “Aliens” Making You Hungry?

Have you ever felt strong emotional cravings for certain foods? And have you ever experienced these cravings… even when you knew that your body had enough to eat. It’s well known that emotions and stress can play a role in food cravings. And of course, your hormones also send signals to your brain that boost hunger and cravings. But what if there was something else that could cause these … [Read more...]

Is Quinoa Healthy? (Gluten, Leaky Gut + More)

If you’ve recently adopted a gluten free diet, you may be experimenting with adding foods like healthy quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth to your diet. Because these foods have many of the same culinary characteristics of wheat, they can easily be used in recipes for pancakes, muffins, cakes and other baked goods. They even have a similar taste and texture of traditional grain-based … [Read more...]

Cinnamon for Digestive Health (And Preventing Food Poisoning!)

In another Healing Gourmet article, you've learned that cinnamon reduces inflammation. But this is not the only attribute of this superfood spice. Cinnamon is also a potent anti-microbial agent exerting this function not only in the body... but also in food. Cinnamon for Digestive Health: Beat The "Bad" Bugs with Spice These properties are so pronounced that cinnamon can even be used as an … [Read more...]

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