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Is This Deficiency Giving You The Blues?

Why can’t you just be happy? Stop dwelling on things and get on with life. Be grateful for what you have. Exercise more. Watch some comedy. These might be great ideas for beating the blues. But for some, it’s not that simple. Imagine for a moment that your body wasn’t making enough red blood cells. Would you try to meditate those cells into existence? Probably not. It would be more … [Read more...]

The Health Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

Have you heard of compounds called “ketones”? If so, it was probably due to their controversial nature. In fact, many believe these compounds to be dangerous and unhealthy. But as you are about to discover, ketones can be nothing short of ”miraculous” for the health of your brain and even reversing Alzheimer’s disease. These compounds were popularized by Dr. Robert Atkins in the 1990’s for … [Read more...]

Cholesterol – A Vital Brain-Protecting Nutrient

In a recent article, I told you about the recent discovery of the connection between gluten consumption and memory loss and cognitive decline. Today, I’m going to share a super-nutrient that is absolutely critical to brain health, memory, mood and cognition… yet it has been maligned by “modern” medicine for decades. Cholesterol! Your Brain on Cholesterol: Stronger, Smarter, Faster, … [Read more...]

Brain Allergies: Can Gluten Make You Depressed?

Most of us know that indulging in a diet of processed foods, unhealthy fats and sugar is a recipe for a low mood. But what many people don't know is that whole grains - touted as the "staff of life" - can also cause mood and behavior problems. And the reason? Brain allergies, often caused by gluten. When you think of food allergies, you might think of rashes and abdominal discomfort. But … [Read more...]

Type 3 Diabetes and Alzheimer’s: The Sugar Link

A recent article about Alzheimer's in a major health publication stated that "Age is the biggest risk factor for the disease." The author was referring to the fact that the prevalence of Alzheimer's doubles every five years in people over 65. The same is true for most chronic diseases (including macular degeneration, cancer, heart disease and others). Their prevalence increases as we grow … [Read more...]

Omega 3 Fats and Brain Health (And The ONE You Need for Memory Protection)

We’ve long lauded the benefits of omega 3 rich fish to protect the heart and reduce inflammation. And new research shows it might help to maintain your memory, too. Omega 3 Fats and Brain Health: Get More DHA A study published in the journal Archives of Neurology followed 815 healthy people for nearly four years. Of the participants studied, 131 developed Alzheimer’s disease. The study found … [Read more...]

Turmeric for Alzheimer’s

More than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease, a 10 percent increase since the last Alzheimer’s Association estimate five years ago. What's more, nearly 8 million are projected to have Alzheimer's by 2030 and 16 million by 2050. But the good news is that what you eat can play an important role in protecting yourself from the dementia epidemic. Protect Your Memory: Eat … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Diet and Alzheimer’s

The so-called "Mediterranean diet" has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease. Now there’s evidence it can prevent Alzheimer’s too. The Mediterranean Diet and Alzheimer's: A Healthy and Delicious Way to Protect Your Brain Researchers followed 2,258 people over the age of 65 and recorded their diets during a four-year period. The results - published in the Annals of Neurology - showed … [Read more...]

Tea for Parkinson’s Disease (And The Most Potent Kind to Drink)

Current treatments for Parkinson’s disease, like most pharmaceuticals, are associated with serious side-effects. But researchers at State Key Laboratory of Brain & Cognitive Science in Beijing have found a safe and promising alternative in the world’s favorite beverage. Tea for Parkinson's Disease: Protect Brain Cells with Polyphenols In a new study published in Biological Psychiatry, … [Read more...]

Blueberries and Brain Health (The Superfruit for Your Brain)

Enjoying a basket of blueberries just may help to boost your memory thanks to potent antioxidants called anthocyanins. Blueberries and Brain Health: Little Berries Offer BIG Protection In a recent study published in the Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture, researchers discovered that anthocyanin extracts helped combat oxidative stress and DNA damage, two processes that contribute to … [Read more...]

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