Every day each cell in your body is attacked 10,000 times by free radicals. These rogue molecules damage DNA and can set the cancer process in motion. That’s why it’s important to enjoy foods and a regular meal plan naturally rich in antioxidants.


Tomatoes are a rich in antioxidants. Just be sure to choose organic to avoid pesticides.

Antioxidants – including carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and a colorful array of phytonutrients – help repair, prevent or limit oxidative damage to our cells.

A variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices have been shown to provide powerful cancer-fighting activity. Some of the most potent include:

Antioxidants and Cancer: The Research

And remember, it’s important to enjoy whole foods because these nutrients work in synergy with one another to produce their beneficial effects. Antioxidant-rich foods are an important part of your cancer diet and fight cancer in powerful ways:

  • Low doses of anthocyanins, compounds found in blackberries, effectively killed 50% of human leukemia and lymphoma cells within 18 hours of treatment in a University of Pittsburgh study. At higher doses, it killed ALL of the cancer cells – and without harming healthy cells!
  • According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, a nutrient found in cruciferous vegetables halted the growth and division of human breast cancer cells within 24 hours. These results are similar to the widely prescribed drug, Taxol – but without the harmful side effects.
  • A study published in Cancer Research evaluated the effects of broccoli and tomatoes on prostate cancer. Researchers found the tomato diet alone reduced prostate tumor size by 34%, and the broccoli diet alone reduced the tumor size by 42%. When these two foods were combined, the weight of prostate cancer tumors diminished by 52%!

Organic Packs More Cancer-Fighting Nutrients

Want a simple trick to pack more antioxidants into every bite? Eat organic on your cancer diet!

A review of 97 studies found that organic foods contain higher levels of 11 important nutrients. Organically grown plant foods also turned out to be 25% more nutrient-dense than conventionally-raised produce.

Another benefit of organics? No pesticides! Pesticides have a molecular structure similar to estrogen – an endocrine disruptor and known cancer promoter.

It’s important to note that your antioxidants should come from foods – not supplements. Several studies show that nutrients taken in isolated form (like beta-carotene) can actually promote cancer.

At Healing Gourmet, we handpick the foods that pack the most “bang per bite” into every Multivitamin Meal, providing you with a wide variety of cancer-fighting diet plans and menus.