The Fat That Boosts Brain Function (In Just One Dose!)

For years, mainstream nutritional advice was that we needed carbohydrates (in the form of glucose) to fuel our brain. This advice seemed to make sense. After all, the brain can run on sugar. But sugar is not your brain’s preferred fuel. The same is true for your car. While it can run on dragster fuel, this is not what makes the engine in your car run best. In fact, the same fuel that sends a … [Read more...]

Is Gluten Intolerance Real – or a Made-Up Hoax?

Not long ago, a university study appeared to throw a bucket of cold water on the “gluten-free” food craze, and within days the media had jumped on the bandwagon. Much to the dismay of millions of people who have reported significant and measurable health improvements after adopting a gluten-free diet, dozens of mainstream news publications published articles based on this study claiming that … [Read more...]

Can a Gluten-Free Diet Increase Your Risk of Arsenic Poisoning?

Although most people don’t know exactly what arsenic is or what it does inside the body… just about all of us know that it is a deadly poison. In fact, just saying the word “arsenic” can conjure up images of a skull and cross bones or a vial full of poison. So, what in the world are high levels of this deadly poison doing in so many common foods – many of which are specifically marketed as … [Read more...]

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