Coconuts have had a bad rap in recent years. And unjustly so. Recent research shows this nostalgic “nut” (it’s really a seed) offers a myriad of health benefits, some of which may astound you. The coconut's powers range from boosting digestive health and immune function to stoking your body's fat-burning ability. Let's look at the four superfoods the coconut offers... Coconut "water" is the … [Read more...]

Macadamia nuts

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Chia has made a comeback! Finally this tiny seed is getting the nutritional credit it deserves. Long prized by the Aztecs and known as the "running food" for the amazing energy it provides, chia is a complete protein, and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids as well as a soluble fiber called mucilage. … [Read more...]

Pine Nuts

Pine nuts, also called Indian nut, piñon, pignoli and pignolia are a high-fat nut that comes from several varieties of pine tree. Pine Nuts: More Than Just Pesto Pine nuts are grown in China, Italy, Mexico, North Africa and the southwestern United States. Because pine nuts are found deep inside the pine cone, they require heat for extraction. There are two main varieties of pine nuts - the … [Read more...]


Seeds are generated by plants as a means to carry on their species and are therefore a condensed source of nutrients. Included in the seeds category are flaxseed, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds. Culinary Caution! Those with diverticular disease should not consume seeds or nuts. … [Read more...]


Scientists speculate nuts may have been around tens of millions of years ago when the continents were still fused- a landmass known as Pangea. We know this because nuts are native to both the Old World and New. Cultivated for 12,000 years, nuts are one of nature’s richest foods. Over 300 types of nuts exist, but those most commonly enjoyed include almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, chestnuts, … [Read more...]


Hazelnuts were once relegated to the dessert table and classified as a "forbidden" food or an occasional snacking indulgence. Fortunately, new research shows hazelnuts are antioxidant powerhouses that should be a mainstay in your healthy diet. In fact, serving for serving, they top blueberries by more than 30% in their ability to neutralize age-promoting free radicals. Hazelnuts are a rich … [Read more...]


Peanuts are not a true nut, but a legume or pea (hence the name "peanuts”). Peanuts grow on small bushes, yielding soft, fibrous shells each containing two or three nuts. Commonly cultivated in the southern United States, peanuts are a favorite worldwide. In fact, 5.4 pounds of peanuts are consumed annually per capita in the States. Stored peanuts become moldy easily, and peanuts have been … [Read more...]


<p>Don't let the "conventional" advice that pecans are junk food deter you from enjoying these antioxidant-packed Georgia delights. </p><p>While pecans are low in protein and high in fat, they contain nearly triple the free-radical fighting power of blueberries and more <a href="../healthy-eating-reference/antioxidants">antioxidant</a> power than any other nut. … [Read more...]


The pistachio, called the "happy nut" by the Chinese, requires little effort to shell and enjoy. In fact, as the pistachio kernel grows, it expands within its shell and splits open naturally. Widely consumed in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries, pistachios are an excellent source of vitamin B6 and provide plant sterols and monounsaturated fats. Glycemic Load=0 Antioxidant … [Read more...]

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